The Birdsong


We all have heard birds cooing in the morning. The single melodious voice that echoes in under the beautiful sky and gives a harmonious calmness and an unexplicable serenity to our hearts.

It connects us to our inner beauty and never fails to curve our lips.

I too woke up today and heard the voice and was compelled to peep out again and see the source but today something touched me and I resolved to write about it so here’s my creation:

The Birdsong

Each morning when I wake
I would curse the alarm
Then I hear her sing
And my mind goes all calm..
I would just see and smile
As she wakes her child
With her melodious voice
Showering her love
That would really open my eyes
Her chirruping echoes
Ringing the hearts of all
She would then hop around
Making everything else feel so small
I would often envy
Her carefree behavior
she was always so cheerful
But now her family’s savior
Few days back I saw her
As she would fly around
Gathering all twigs and sticks
She could have found
And weaving them into
a careful mound
Day after day passed
And the mound had taken a new cast
I would look at her waiting each day
And finally that day has come at last
One day that I woke up
With the mayhem they caused
But all I could do was smile
As she proudly posed..
Each day I would watch her
Growing up on her own
During the day gathering the grains
And feeding them all alone
Suddenly I was brought back
To the world with a loud chirp
Yes now they were up
And time for me to curb
The train of my thoughts.
I would smile and slowly turn
Wispering softly to my friend
“See you old friend have a lot of fun”
Then as the sun dawns
We both would fly away at our jobs
But we both know
Our appointment for next day is still locked…



Acceptance…A key?

– Aditi Tiwari

“Accept” , I think it is the most underrated word, can this be the key of half of our problems?

We often hear people saying that half of your problems end if you stop expecting from others , but how do we do that ever thought?

Expectations are the general human tendency that tend to develop if you know a person or more importantly do anything for them. We form an expectation that can’t be fulfilled , we forget that if we like the person then his/her negative aspects define him/her as much as his/her positive aspects do.The only way to end these expectations can be to accept the person the way he/she is . In that way you would accept him /her with his/her both positive and negative aspects automatically forming expectations that they would fulfill thus making it less disappointing.

Not only expectations acceptance help you in accepting yourself with your strengths and weaknesses. Making it the first step towards your success.

Have you noticed most of the problems in the world arise due to diversity? Or as we say INTOLERANCE.

On a grand level we just lack acceptance, let it be towards other religions, race country, caste, kind ,etc. If we accept them as a fellow being we will not be affected by the fact that their ways, color, nature etc are different from ours. We won’t try to change them according to our will.

Still don’t believe me?

Try accepting the most irritating person in your life with all his/her positives and negatives. Just for a week and you will find a change you won’t find him that irritating anymore.

Sometimes it’s ok to let things go the way they are you can’t change everything or everyone but you can change your perspective.

It doesn’t matter if glass is half full or half empty what matters is that it has water that will quench your thirst, Accept it, drink it and move on…

Think….till next time then…


‘Choice’ the word choice is probably one of the most commonly exploited word. We all face choice at every next moment of our life and these choices we make, alters the course of our life and lives of ones around us.

It starts right in the morning with the alarm, whether to wake up by the alarm or to snooze it, wake up cursing the alarm and morning or smile at the new day, skip breakfast or again be late for work, etc the list goes on and on. We are at crossroads at each moment but most of the time we hardly realize its importance. We do realize it only when something major happens like “Thank God I missed that flight it crashed”, “luckily I grabbed that seat at the right moment it was the last one” and so on. These are all results of the choices we made at last moment some may go right while others can go horribly wrong.

And the choices we make are not only about us, we are human beings, the social animals, just a small part of this big universe.

Each choice we make has a chain reaction that affects all the those around us. Like today my decision to not go to office can help get my colleague get an project that was meant for me and if he made the choice of doing it perfectly this could be the turning point of his and his family’s life, he got promoted maybe got a chance to work abroad, has a nice house or a fancy car. So my one silly choice changed his whole life.

Our each ‘choice’ contribute to our experience, and the choices we will meet ahead.

So be careful as at each step we hit a blind turn we may find a polished marble road or a cliff ahead based on what way we go.

Here are the few lines that may leave you to ponder:

There I stood at the fork,

Wondering where to go,

and where to not.

Thinking I sat under the tree nearby,

Feeling the heat ,

I let out a deep sigh.

The mind was churned ,

And the oil in my lamp,

Was almost burnt.

There was not much time,

Not much choice;

I had to choose one,

And give it my life.

How I got here,

Got so far out;

That it may end there,

Or emerge in the bright light.

I just turned and looked back,

The path I covered was now,

Had gone pitch black.

I cannot retreat I have to move on,

Those were these forks,

That led me to these thorns.

But I may have the light ahead;

I may have those roses ahead.

Just one step away they are

Just one choice away they are….

-Aditi Tiwari

The Trickster

The human brain is one of the most wonderful and exquisite thing that ever existed on the face of this planet. The complexity of its working is still a major awe to researchers and scientists. It’s amazing how same structure can work so differently for every entity.

But we all have a few things in common regardless of our nature, upbringing or nationality . Like in the case of magic or deception


We all try so hard to find out the logic or trick behind that we miss the obvious.

But do we ever think that our brain can be the greatest deception artist. Like we are so convinced by what we think that we never try to widen our horizons and we are stuck in the rabbit hole. We have various examples like have we ever noticed we are nearly always right about everything we have stereotyped, or a psychic or fortune-teller’s forecaste nearly fits everytime. It’s just because we have the tendency to find the details that fits and ignore the rest.

Our mind is like a filter, we only see, feel or understand what it wants us to and carefully removes the residue.

Here are the few lines that will let you think ‘perhaps’

I ran down my eyes,

across the beautiful valley.

But all she saw was the bed of thorns.

The height of hill,

Oh! So close to the sky .

But all she feared was the steep fall.

The gushes of hot breeze,

Naughtily nuzzling our face.

But all she worried was her hair getting worn.

The grains of sand ,

Rushed to us blabbering their stories.

But all she felt was her silk getting torn.

We both were living in same world,

Yet in totally different.

I smiled at mine,

As she disapproved hers with a rant.